A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is free and opesource Godot powered Voxel editor with focus on Gamedev.

It's early in developement, so it doesn't have many features yet.

It is capable of:

  • Adding and removing voxels
  • Painting existing voxels
  • Save/Load in json format.

I latest version it got:

  • Decent mouse control support similar to one Godot has.
  • Interface improvement
  • Painting existing voxels

Source code: https://github.com/GaidamakUA/Voxenko

Install instructions


  • Download
  • Unpack voxenko_win.zip
  • Launch Voxenko.exe

Mac OSX:

  • Download
  • Double click to mount
  • Open mounted Voxenko drive
  • Double click to launch


  • Download
  • Unpack voxenko_linux.zip
  • Launch voxenko.x86_64


voxenko_win.zip 12 MB
voxenko_linux.zip 14 MB
voxenko.dmg 16 MB

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